Corporate Advisory
A successful market entry is the foundation of any future growth aspirations - we specialise in partnering with emerging companies and assisting with their transition to an ASX listing.


An Initial Public Offering represents the most direct path towards an ASX listing, and can be suitable for more mature companies looking to raise capital for expansion.

Reverse takeovers

In an RTO a private company purchases control of an already public company- the more flexible nature of this pathway to listing often appeals to smaller companies that can see rapid changes to their prospects and forecasts.

Capital Raisings

We can provide funds for companies that are already trading on the ASX, and looking to take the next step to expand their business.

Oil & Gas specific services:

In the oil & gas space we offer Sophisticated investors, Institutions and ASX listed companies access to bespoke oil & gas projects that may not otherwise be available or easily accessible. Our projects are located in the USA.
With a focus on producing oil & gas assets, we work with the investor to understand the investor's specific investment needs, objectives and goals (in terms of financial returns, specific assets, size of the investment, geographical asset location, current production levels, potential upside, risk profile, operatorship, etc.).  Once the brief is clearly established for a particular investor, we work closely with our USA based partners to source a project which meets the investor’s specific investment criteria.

In addition to traditional oil & gas projects, we have a specific expertise with respect to investments in salt water disposal facilities.